Do Not Go Where The Path May Lead

Welcome to my Fanblog. I'm your host and I am here to expose myself...and you ;-) to as many fandoms as I've exposed myself to. Which means, a lot. Which translates to: Brace Yourself I Go Through Phases; and though I love a lot, I love a lot rather quickly. Some of My All-Time Favs include: SG1, Quantum Leap, Doctor Who, Fringe, Almost Human, Supernatural, Sherlock, X-Files, Person of Interest, The Golden Girls, Melissa and Joey, Frasier, Castle, Firefly, Law & Order: CI, Merlin, SGA, ATLA, LoK, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Marvel Films. I also have an eclectic taste for music and quotes. I'm fascinated by comics and video games, though I am by no means an expert in either (I do love Bioware's ME and DA series, as well as Telltale's The Wolf Among Us). I essentially love all of the genres in both the visual, written and auditory mediums.

I love immersing myself in new things, which I suspect is why I go through so many phases. If any of this interests you, than this is the blog for you to follow. If none of the previous tickles your fancy, stick around for a bit. You might get hooked on something new.

If you're looking for something a little more serious, still fun mind you, but a little more focused and a little less Fandom fluid, than please check out My Main Blog.

Fair Warning:
Both blogs have a bit of overlap, so you'll occassionally see serious, Non-Fandom related, posts here, and you'll see Fandom related posts over there. :-)